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Welcome to WorkSnug. Our mobile app and website helps you connect to the nearest and best places to get some work done in the city. Simply point and move your phone and all will become clear.

We also support mobile workers with our Mobilizer blog – a guide to mobile working in the modern enterprise.

Highlights from the Mobilizer blog

tin-can5 reasons why you should use a headset
To maintain a professional and viable connection to the outside world, a headset sits alongside a phone and laptop as an absolute requirement.

birds-on-wire11 tips for a better conference call
Whether you’re hosting a conference call or taking part, these tips will help you make the most of your virtual meeting…

birds8 Key Skills for Virtual Meetings
There are 8 key skills that can improve the experience for teleworkers and ensure effective communication, collaboration and engagement in virtual spaces.

coffee-cup5 places to work when you don’t want to work from home
Here are some ideas for places to work when you don’t want to work from home…

stay-connected4 ways to stay connected in a virtual team
Whether you’re managing a team of mobile workers or working out of the office yourself, bear these things in mind and build a social network that works for you…

catsWork-Life Balance vs. Work-Life Blur
According to a report by Plantronics, there are two types of flexible workers: ‘Integrators’ and ‘Boundary Keepers’. One likes to keep things separate, while the other likes to mix things up…

skateboarderWant Better Mobile Workers? Do These 4 Things
Here are five things you can do if you want a happy – and productive – mobile workforce…

ipadHow to replace your laptop with an iPad
What software and hardware do you need to make your iPad work just as hard as your laptop? This is my setup…

cloud10 cloud apps to help you work anywhere
Here are 10 cloud-based apps that can help you work wherever you like…


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